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184 Philadelphia Union Liedtjies & Sokker Chants

Sokker span wat speel in die MLS- East, USA

714 Philadelphia The most basic chant Speelys
865 99 Bottles of Beer Opponent's manager arrested for drunk driving. Song took 15 minutes to complete; was interrupted for a goal celebration, but resumed its inexorable humiliating way nonetheless.
1410 Faux Vuvuzelas Used when the opposing side is attackin the net, because the are annoying as all hell. Thank You South Africa! Speelys
2108 Oh Union Simple Speelys
2590 Union! Used during the player entrance and before corner kicks. The whole stadium gets up for this one Speelys
2832 Boom! On all the long throw ins by Sheanon Williams Speelys
3503 Go Mental MENTAL (to the tune of Yankee Doodle) Speelys
6263 Sons of Ben Sons of Ben Muppet Song Speelys
7656 Phil-a-delphia UUUUUUU-NION As it says on the tin Speelys
8963 We All Hate Red Bull We all hate the New York Red Bulls! Speelys
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8985 Oh Philly U Defend the River End Speelys
9050 C'mon the U Another basic chant used throuought the match Speelys
9099 Sietz Everybody Sung after a save by goalkeeper Chris Seitz. Speelys
9747 Dale O Dale Speelys
10446 Goal Kick Chanted during opponent goal kicks Speelys
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